The new Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs opened to guests today, July 9th. We were happy to have grabbed a reservation for a Water View room in the tower to check it out.

Our room was on the 6th floor and had a great view of Lago Dorado.

View of Lago Dorado from Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs
Lago Dorado and Three Bridges Bar and Grill

Gran Destino Tower Water View Room

When you first walk into the room, the bathroom area is directly on the left. There are two sinks with cabinets underneath. There is a large mirror above the sinks, with a movable smaller mirror that lights up on the wall to the left.

Gran Destino Tower Room Bathroom Sinks
Double Sinks with Cabinets

Directly to the left of the sinks is the toilet, which is inside its own little area with a locking door.

Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower Room Bathroom
Water Closet
Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower Room Bathroom
Locking Door for Privacy
Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower Room Bathroom

Across from the water closet is the glass walled shower.

Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower Room Shower

The shower fixture has a larger shower head at the top and a smaller handheld one.

Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower Room Shower Fixture

On the opposite wall from the shower fixture, you’ll find the Disney H2O+ shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Disney H2O+ Shampoo Conditioner and Bodywash

Just outside the bathroom is a closet. It has plenty of storage space inside for your clothes as welll as some extra amenities.

Closet with Safe

It has an extra pillow and blanket on the top shelf and hangers underneath for clothes.

Gran Destnio Tower Storage Closet

There is also a steam iron, ironing board and luggage stand. There is a small safe at the bottom for storing your valuables.

Gran Destino Tower Safe

Our room had two double beds with a small dresser in between them.

Gran Destino Tower Room Bed

There is a phone, lamp and small notepad with pen on the dresser between the beds.

The beds and pillows are very soft, I loved them 🙂

Across the room from the beds is the wall television, desk and kitchen area. The kitchen area is small, but has a refrigerator, coffee maker (Keurig), ice bucket and a few glasses and coffee mugs.

There is a chair and floor lamp in the corner.

The view from this room is great. We were able to see the lake and to the left, we were able to see Expedition Everest.

The rooms in the Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs are beautiful and we would highly recommend a stay for anyone thinking of visiting Walt Disney World.

Our room had plenty of space, both in the sleeping area and the bathroom.

The furnishings are nice and very comfortable. If you get the chance to visit, definitely give the Gran Destino Tower a try.